Rent a room with Zero Deposit for RM650/monthly

and enjoy all the following benefit for free!

What is the difference between Co-living and normal room rental?

Co-living is a modern form of housing rental where residents share common area like kitchen and living room while enjoying their own private room and getting support from community manager and a lot of free additional benefits

While in normal room rental you only rent the room without any extra services.

What will I get if I rent with Wetopia?

Who is eligible for
ZERO Deposit?


  • Attend Welcome Day (online session at 8.30pm)
  • Clean CTOS report ( we will check it for you, for free)


  • Proceed to booking without attending Welcome Day
  • No need to check finance/CTOS record

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Not interested with ZERO DEPOSIT offer?

You can also proceed straight to booking with full deposit without attending Wetopia Welcome Day by click the link below and we will get in touch with you