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You not only rent a room. It’s include utilities*, high speed wifi, biweekly cleaning, weekly community activity, high end condo facilities like gym, swimming pool. Not just that, our Community Manager will standby to assist you when needed.

Plus the strategic location which make the public transport easy to access, will save your budget.

This is one of the experiences we always receive from other tenants before renting with Wetopia

Do you feel the same? If there is, this is the solution we provide to the Wetopia community.

What is the difference between co-living and renting a regular room?

Co-living highlights the concept of sharing in a tenant community but it is on par with a hotel.

While renting a room is just you renting a room without advantages such as having a common area and activities with other tenants.

kami beri lebih dari tu, bukan sekadar bilik macam hotel je. Biar kami ceritakan dulu apa manfaat ekstra yang anda boleh dapat :

With Wetopia, your problem can be solved 200%!




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Attend Wetopia Welcome Day (online)
  • Zero Deposit (Pay rent + Utilities RM150 & Admin Fee RM150 only)
  • Opportunity to get RM300.00 Discount from full rent every month
  • Learn about the opportunity to buy a house.
  • Ask any question about Wetopia, we will answer directly.
  • Can find out which units are still available.
  • Get to know the secret of generating extra income of RM1,000-RM3,000 every month.
  • Find out how to save up to RM1,000.


Directly Book Your Room (No need to attend Welcome Day)
  • Opportunity to get RM300 Discount from full rent every month.
  • Pay full deposit 2+1 and RM 300 Utility & Admin fee.
  • Can't learn the opportunity to buy a house​.
  • Slow to know the response from us.
  • Can't tell which units are still available.
  • Can't find out the secret of generating an extra income of RM1,000-RM3,000 every month.
  • Can't figure out how to save up to RM1,000​.

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