Looking for a nice room in a convenient area that can save money?

Wish you can rent a room like this with ZERO DEPOSIT?

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Not only with zero deposit, the best part is you can enjoy all these cool benefits!

Electricity & water bills covered (with a limit)

Free house cleaning service every two weeks

Decorative fully furnished room & house

Free high speed wifi

Free luxury gym access & high-end facilities

Panoramic view from rooftop/ development

Co-working space (share with other people)

In-house community manager support

Last but not least, you can meet new people and do fun activities together with the Wetopia community. Of course, it’s free!

Discover how you can rent an amazing room in the centre of KL which suits your budget. You can register and watch the webinar right now.

You feel it is too good to be true?

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Apart from zero deposit, we have another package for you to choose which is a PREMIUM PRE-BOOKING.

If you have further questions, why not watch the webinar first? After that, we can assist you along the way. Will see you later.